Fashion Revolution Week

(20th-26th April 2020)

Fashion Revolution week was created after the catastrophic Rana Plaza factory collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which killed 1,133, and injured over 2,500 people. It asks you as consumers to get involved and ask brands to be transparent and commands brands be open about their workforce and supply chains.

Get involved this week

People Tree is committed to a transparent and traceable supply chain and Fashion Revolution helps us give farmers, artisans and producer partner’s visibility and a voice.
Hashtag #whomademyclothes and tag @peopletree on Twitter or Instagram with your previous purchase and we will get back to you with more information on the producer partner who crafted your item.

What we do as a brand

We work with economically disadvantaged farmers and producers to promote fairer trading conditions
and empower farmers and workers to combat poverty, strengthen their position and take more control over their lives.

WFTO certified

We are WFTO certified, the gold standard in ethical fashion which verifies our commitment to Fair Trade through peer reviews and trusted independent audits. See below the 10 fair trade standards which People Tree has abided by since we launched in 1991.


Meet the Fair Trade farmers, artisans and producers who make it their business to support women, their children and communities.

Creative Handicrafts

Creative Handicrafts is a social enterprise based in Mumbai that works to empower disadvantaged women of the slum communities through economic independence. In keeping with its mission, Creative Handicrafts also started a catering service managed by women who could not pick up the skill of sewing. This project is now run under the name 'ASLI FOODS' and is managed independently by the women themselves.

"At Creative Handicrafts, we are grateful for a continuous flow of orders from People Tree as it is here that we can give hope to women of less fortunate backgrounds. Their orders make the women push their technical and tailoring skills to a level they did not see possible and they are thoroughly surprised with the beautiful garments they are able to produce by standing up to the challenge."

Amanda, who works for Creative Handicrafts

“Truly there is no better joy than to experience smiles on the women’s faces as when they speak about becoming financially sustainable and thereby being able to educate their children and create better prospects for them.”

Amanda, who works for Creative Handicrafts


KTS was established to assist the local Pode community of street sweepers who had been denied education and employment opportunities because of the caste system in Nepal where they were seen as ‘untouchables’. KTS provides these women with vocational training in hand knitting, jewellery making and carpentry.

In 1984, KTS opened a primary school which today encompasses a free nursery and school for 250 children and runs a day-care centre, for the children of trainees, producers and staff. The company also offers welfare and education for orphan/semi-orphan children at the KTS orphanage.


Swallows was set up to provide opportunities for women after their village in Bangladesh was devastated in 1971, when all the adult males were massacred during the war of independence.

Swallows mission is to empower poor and underprivileged women in the local area by creating employment opportunities, economic and social awareness and educating the landless for the rights of land

As a women's project, even hand weaving, which is normally considered mens' work, is done by women. The natural and azo-free dyed yarns are hand woven into fabrics, then hand embellished with embroidery and tailored. Profits from Fair Trade help cover the running costs of the Swallows school and People Tree supported Swallows to open a day care centre for the workers' babies and toddlers in 2007.

"The Fair Trade principles applied by People Tree have created economic stability for Swallows, allowing it to become an independent organisation, this has led to the empowerment of the women of Thanapara."

Mrs Gini Ali, Assistant Director at Swallows

To find out more about who People Tree is working with, head to our makers page.