Why does People Tree do a Social Review ?

We pride ourselves on social and environmental best practice. This means we continually work towards meeting the Fair Trade principles throughout our supply chain and trading practice and aim to deepen our long term partnerships People Tree carries out a Social Review every two years to evaluate the impact of People Tree’s Fair Trade work, based on responses to questionnaires sent out to our Producer Groups. The social review provides a means to evaluate and hold us accountable to producer groups, to our customers and supporters of People Tree.

The 7th biennial People Tree Social Review evaluates People Tree’s Fair Trade work against the 10 WFTO Principles, and focuses on People Tree’s relationship with the Producer Groups. The information in this review came from an extensive survey sent out to producer partners in October 2012. An Action Plan was made for the became of member of WFTO in 1996. People Tree started Social Reviews in 2000 and completes a full review every two years. The previous action plan for 2010 and progress against it is reported at the end of this review.

You can read the full reports in detail below.

Social Review 2011-2012
Social Review 2009-2010